Biennial Budget Proposal Information

Potential Cuts to Schools in Governor Walker's Budget Proposal
At the February School Board
meeting Superintendent Whitrock shared concern regarding the Governor's budget proposal with the Board of Education. The proposed biennial budget, which Walker unveiled in February, includes flat per pupil funding. The budget does not include the current $75 per pupil increase although costs for contracted service including utilities, external contracts, and transportation continue to increase. The budget also includes a $150-per-pupil drop in categorical aide during the first year that is then restored in the second year. This Ripon Area School District will face a $250,000 reduction if Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget passes. Even though the funding is restored in the 2016-17 school year, there is a net loss. Revenue limits are not increasing so School Boards are not able to adjust the tax levy to account for the loss. Close to $4.5 million in programs and services has been cut under State law in the last 8 years. 

Additional Information

2014-15 Per Pupil Aid Estimate by School District from DPI
Close approximation of the 2015-16 cut that districts would sustain if the $150 per pupil aid payment is cut as proposed in the Governor's biennial budget plan.
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