BRAVE Program

Mission Statement 

The School District of Ripon seeks to join with and support the Ripon Community and its families in fostering the development of healthy, resilient and successful learners.  The district recognizes its responsibility to create and maintain a healthy school environment in which this goal can be utilized.  Curriculum, assessment, pupil services, adult and student programs are provided which contribute positively to this end.

Assuming a proactive stance, the school district offers direct assistance to promote positive growth and building resiliency in all youth.  Building Resiliency, Assets and Values inEveryone (BRAVE) is a three-part program based on the concept of resiliency and asset building models.  Its component parts of resiliency buildingasset building, and discovery opportunities are delivered by all members of the community to empower the young people of Ripon to choose a healthy and responsible lifestyle.

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