School Counseling Services

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The Ripon Area School District Comprehensive School Counseling Program is an integral part of the educational mission of the district. This program supports, facilitates, and encourages classroom instruction and student achievement. Our school counseling program is proactive and preventative in its focus. It assists students in acquiring and using life-long learning skills. More specifically, our school counseling program employs strategies to enhance academics, encourage self-awareness, foster interpersonal communication skills, provide career awareness, develop employment readiness, and impart life skills for all students.

We follow the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model, which includes a delivery system and is made up of the following components:

School Counseling Curriculum
Classroom activities
Interdisciplinary curriculum development
Group activities
Parent Workshops

Individual Student Planning
Individual or small group academic evaluation
Individual or small group academic advisement
Student and Parent Educational/Career Planning Conferences

Responsive Services
Individual and small-group counseling
Crisis counseling
Peer facilitation

System Support
Professional development
Consultation, collaboration and teaming
Program management and operation

Comprehensive School Counseling Programs are outlined and regulated by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. 


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