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District News

This announcement pertains to July notifications sent to some families confirming they qualified for free meals through the food service program for the 2016-17 school year.

Recently, the District received notification from Wisconsin DPI (Department of Public Instruction) that errors existed in the data they sent out to district’s state-wide directly certifying families for free meals.

The data incorrectly identified more families as eligible for the program. District staff will be contacting any family that was inaccurately identified. Any family who wishes to call for clarification on their free lunch status may contact Sally Albrecht at (920) 748-4600.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance as the district works to correct this error.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.



District News

The district hosted safety tours today at the new RMS/RHS facilities with the Ripon Fire Department and Police Department to ensure the building is prepared and all entities are familiar with the new building layout in the event of an emergency. The goal of the tours is to provide for the safety of students, staff, police officers, and firefighters.#‎riponwiproud? (More photos on Facebook)


District News

Here is a "bird's eye" view of the current middle school and newly combined RMS/RHS facility which is nearing completion. Our thanks to Ripon Alumni Steve Davis for creating and sharing this video. Please plan to come check out the inside of these buildings on September 17th during Homecoming Weekend. Tours will be available as well as a Celebration Luncheon at the old RMS building. Tickets for the luncheon will go on sale on August 22 at the district office. Watch for more details! (Video on Facebook)


District News

UPDATE RHS PARKING: Beginning tomorrow, July 28 parking will only be available in the east lot. Please park there and walk around on the sidewalk to enter the school through the main doors on the south side. To use the pool please use door "S" on the south side of the building. Thank you.