Elementary School Counseling Services

Jocelyn Hoeper
BPES/Journey Phone: (920) 748-1550 Ext.1302
Email: HoeperJ@ripon.k12.wi.us

Greetings from our fine elementary schools! My name is Jocelyn Hoeper and I am proud to serve the Ripon area community as one of your Elementary School Counselors. I currently provide services to students in kindergarten through second grade at both Barlow Park and Journey Charter Schools. In my role, I also serve as a resource for parents and staff members. My career as an elementary school counselor in the Ripon District began in 1980. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Master of Science degree in Counseling and Guidance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am a Wisconsin native and my husband and I live in Green Lake County. We have three grown children who attended RASD. When not engaged in professional activities I enjoy reading, water sports, tennis, and attending theater and musical performances. I have also greatly enjoyed my participation as a chaperone in the French Adventure program and traveling to France with fourth and fifth-grade students. I never tire of meeting and assisting new children and their families in the Ripon community as part of a great school team!


The Elementary School Counseling Program is for Everyone!

Classroom Guidance (K-5)
Small Group Guidance (K-5)
Social Skills Curriculum (K-2)
Protective Behaviors Curriculum (K-5)

Responsive Services
Crisis Response
Parent & Staff Consultation
Individual and Small Group Counseling
Conflict Resolution
Community Referrals
Building Consultation Team

Individual Student Planning
Academic Support
Test Interpretation
Goal Setting
Transition to Grade Three
Transition to Middle School
Transition of New Students
Parent-Teacher Conferences

System Support
Consultation, Collaboration, & Teaming
Staff & Professional Development
Program Management & Operation
Case Management

The Counselor may meet with students about...

Family changes, academic support, friendship issues, self-esteem, anger issues, high potential, and other topics.

How to Meet with Your Counselor

Students can arrange a time to come to the counselor’s office individually or with a small group. Parents/Guardians, teachers or the principal may ask the counselor to see students.

An Elementary School Counselor Helps…

…Students develop a better understanding and acceptance of themselves.
…Students develop effective academic and learning skills.
…Students cope with family changes.
…Students develop decision making and problem solving skills.
…Students develop socially and emotionally to mature in their relations with others.
…Students transition to new grade levels and schools.
…Parents understand their child’s emotions, behaviors, and learning styles to assist them in meeting their child’s needs.
…Parents and teachers create a positive learning environment.
…Teachers and administrators understand and meet the needs of all students in academic, personal, social, and          
emotional areas of development.
…Community members establish a positive relationship with the school.
…Connect students and parents to community resources.